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Stability stājas korektors plecu daļas fiksators medicīniska ortoze krustveidīga bandāža josta
  • Stability stājas korektors plecu daļas fiksators medicīniska ortoze krustveidīga bandāža josta
  • Stability stājas korektors plecu daļas fiksators medicīniska ortoze krustveidīga bandāža josta

Stability elastic shoulders corset spider posture corrector upper back spine support brace medical bandage woman man

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Posture corrector provides physiologically correct position of the spine and chest until the complete correction of posture and getting rid of scoliosis. Wearing the corrector allows you to "teach" how to work the back muscles, abdominals, and pelvis. Recommended for correcting the wrong posture and for prevention, fixation of the thoracic part of the spine, osteochondrosis, light injuries of the thorax. The support corrects and fixates the spine in a certain position. Brace optimally fits, easily reinforces and provides a sense of comfort while wearing. The support does not restrict active range of motion, prevents from injury and is designed to be used during sports.


SIZE Сircumference under the breast, cm
1 XS 59-68
2 S 69-78
3 M 79-88
4 L 89-99
5 XL 100-106

Recommended for correcting the wrong posture and for prevention. Corrector relieves stress on the mind and lower pectoral and upper lumbar sections of the spine. Helps acquire skills in maintaining normal physiological posture.

The posture corrector put on underwear, for example on a vest or a T-shirt, under condition of dense adjoining to a body. To carry a product in the beginning of treatment it is recommended within 2-3 hours per day, gradually increasing time of carrying about the whole day. For fastening effect to repeat carrying the medical elastic bearing support (1-2 weeks) every 3-4 month. If there will be questions on correction of a bearing it is better to receive consultation from the expert doctor (the neurologist, the family doctor, the therapeutist, the orthopedist). For a more full effect corrector must be applied in combination with physical therapy, massage, etc.

A recommended base rate of application of medical elastic bearing support is from 2 till 4 months. With the medical purpose the posture corrector apply as base course of treatment not less than 6 months. Further it use shorter rates under supervision of the doctor. Put on shoulders as backpack. Further the stretching belts of posture corrector cover shoulders, having established mobile soft swabs at a level of armpit/an axillary pole. Straps hardly pull and clasp on a breast with the help of a fastener Velcro. Degree of belts tension gradually increase day by day before creation of normal physiologically correct bearing. For convenience of controlling behind a degree of a tension of belts it is possible to do marks on belts about tapes with a fastener Velcro, and to compare with these marks at each putting on of the posture corrector. Conveniently dressed the medical elastic posture corrector locates shoulders back, straightens a thorax, straightens a backbone, does a bearing correct and beautiful. It helps to improve breath, provides normal development of internal organs, prevents weariness and a pain in a back. If muscles within day get tired a little, you on a correct way. The primary goal - to force to work physiologically correctly muscles of a back, an abdominal tension and a pelvis, to accustom a backbone to new, correct position. If the head keeps directly, shoulders are weakened and developed, a stomach involve and there is a feeling of comfort with such bearing, it is possible to count result achieved. At teenagers regular carrying of the posture corrector provides physiologically correct position of a backbone and a thorax down to full correction of infringements of a bearing and disposal of a scoliosis. It does not prevent active movements.


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