One size ceļa locītavas fiksējoša saite ortoze medicīniskais apsējs bandāža ar atsegtu ceļgalu fiksators skriešanai
  • One size ceļa locītavas fiksējoša saite ortoze medicīniskais apsējs bandāža ar atsegtu ceļgalu fiksators skriešanai

Comfort knee neoprene brace orthosis fix support with open patella medical bandage woman man


Elastic, textile (neoprene), universal size (34-54 cm) knee brace with patella opening and side-spring reinforcements. Recommended for perverse knee patella position, arthritis, synovitis, chondrites, degenerative joint lesions, patella ligament strain, patella osteochondropathy, anterior knee bursitis, as well as the rehabilitation period after patella's surgery. Brace stabilizes the patella, captures and warms the knee joint. Brace does not restrict the movement, it reduces probability of injuries, protects the patella, as well as it is adapted for sports.


The bandage can be used as in medical, sports health improving centers and home. To select the size it is necessary, preliminary having measured, a circle of a leg under a patella. Carry a bandage, putting on directly on a body or a cotton stocking. Bandage have an open cup and have a universal design allowing the application of one bandage for the whole girth range of the knee joint. Also, the design of these dressings is divided into a separately adjustable middle zone above and below the joint. In each zone, due to the Velcro type fastener, the required degree of compression can be easily adjusted and the bandage can be fixed for any of the available sizes. At carrying the bandage causes easy feeling of smartness, but does not hold down movements. The slightest attributes of frustration of blood circulation are a parameter of that the size has been picked incorrectly up and it is necessary to fasten the Velcro type fastener. If the subsequent products using causes discomfort, it is necessary to consult at the attending physician/doctor. It is recommended to carry a product no more than 2 hours per day and to remove for the night. Time of carrying of a bandage medical can be increased, but preliminary having consulted with the attending physician. During durable (more than 2-3 weeks) are desirable joint application of a complex of physical exercises for strengthening muscles and a joint. In a complex with physical exercises the maximal result is reached: the pain decreases, the physiological tone of soft tissues is restored. Use of various ointments and creams, but preliminary under the recommendation of the doctor is possible.


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